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Noninvasive Soft Tissue Analysis 



Iridology is an ancient science based on color and structure in the iris.   Patterns in the iris indicate the strength and weaknesses in the body.  Evidence supports that ancient Egyptians used Iridology.  At some point in history the knowledge of Iridology was lost.    The beginning of the modern rediscovery of iridology occurred in 1837 when Ignatz Von Meczely as a boy captured an owl with a broken leg.  This owl had a discernable dark spot in its iris.  As the owls leg healed and the dark spot in it iris disappeared.  Meczely grew up to be a healer and noticed that his patients with similar afflictions also had similar marks.  He constructed the first modern iris map which has been improved over time by the personal experience of many healers and scientific testing giving us today precise detailed maps with 90 markers per iris.  Iridology is the only noninvasive technique to analyze the health status of our body.


It's the irregularities in the iris that indicate issues.  Check your eyes for radial irregularities and colored pigments.


The eye is an extension of the brain and in the early stages of embryonic development is connected together.  By month 7 the iris is functional and continues to develop until 6 years old.  The iris contains 28,000 nerve endings and 90,000 blood vessels wrapped in Schwann sheathing that radiate out from the pupil.  Pigments of various colors can float above the iris in the cornea layer.  This pigment projected over the iris together create our eye color.  The more undisturbed the pattern of the radiating vessel indicates strong resilience whereas the more disturbed the pattern indicates weakness.  Iris pigment indicates locations of toxicity within the body.   Most abnormalities in the iris are inherited.  Parents pass on their weakest genetics resulting in weaker and weaker genetics.  An example is that babies now have cancer when they never did before.  


Iridology is the most effective and noninvasive way to identify the core weakness leading to ancestral ailments.  By strengthening the contributing weaknesses one can break the ancestral cycle of doom.


By identifying weaknesses in the iris it gives one the opportunity to modify diet and lifestyle to mitigate the inherited or acquired weakness prior to them manifesting into an illness.  An example is a weak heart indicated in the iris of a man whose father and grandfather both passed away with a heart attack at age 58.  His familiar life cycle can be altered by identifying the weakness and changing to a regimen that strengthens the heart.  When unaware or ignored then the heart attack at age 58 is eminent.

Kidney weakness is indicated in this eye.  Can you guess where?  If you guessed that the dark mark at the bottom of the eye was the indicator then you are correct.   A genetically weak kidney can be strengthened with tissue specific herbs and diet changes before it manifest into serious health challenges down the road.  This is a huge benefit of Iridology assessments.


Iridology by Dr. Morse, N.D 

“Iridology is one of nature’s greatest, and at present, only soft tissue analysis. It will give you a road map of your strength and weaknesses. It will also show your congestive (lymphatic) and chemical accumulations. This is invaluable in helping to address your glandular or organ weaknesses.”

 The Iridology Health Assessment is included in 30, 60, 90, 120 Day Detox Packages.

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