DETOX CHALLENGE......DETOX For 1 Month and You'll be AMAZED with your progress!!!


Detoxification is really not all that predictable on how long the process takes to obtain good health.  Each individual has walked a different path with different levels of accumulation and damage to be reversed.  The best thing is to get on the healthy path with Detox and you'll obtain good health when your body has finished with the process of detoxing and regenerating the damaged tissues.

Will detoxification work for me?     Detox has worked for most every type person with virtually every illness.  If you are in an immediate life threatening situation then go to the emergency room otherwise.... Absolutely, begin detoxification immediately to begin cleansing yourself so that you can get healthy.  

What is the least expensive way to Detox?     Adopt a diet of fruits, berries, and melons while supplementing with full spectrum whole food organic vitamins, minerals, and EFA's.  Your body will detoxify to good health.  CELLTOX's program dramatically accelerates this natural self-healing from years down to months.  With the use of our information and instructions, our Detox Kits, tissue specific tinctures, full spectrum vitamins, and powerful detox aids our Members can stay on track and regain fine health usually in a few months. 

I've been through chemo and radiation and gave up on doctors, can Detox help?      Absolutely.  There is no time to waste.  Immediate action recommended.  Your body is very toxic after all that.  With this level of toxicity we suggest immediately going on a 10-20 day grape fast with lemon water to begin eliminating those powerful toxins while taking the detox kits and vitamin supplements.  The 120 day detox recommended.

I have arthritis to the point of being wheelchair bound.  Can Detox work for me?     Absolutely.  Detox has reversed arthritis many thousands of times.  You will be amazed at the power of Detox when your wheelchair is a thing of the past!  As part of your protocol, a counter top water distiller would be recommended because of distilled waters' pulling effort of inorganics.  120 Day Detox Package recommended.

Does detox work for diabetes?   Absolutely.  Detox  seems to continually work very well with blood sugar issues.  It's usually a matter of strengthening the kidneys and the adrenals or pancreas for  2 or 3 months to strengthen the weaknesses causing the problem.  We recommend the 90 Day Detox Package.

We're starting a family and want to pass along the strongest genes.  Will detox work?     Absolutely.  Parents health is translated directly to offspring.   Strenghtening your bodies before copulation is smart and gives your children a healthy start.  30-60 Day Detox Package recommended.

I'm very sick and can't afford a Detox Package.  What can I do?    First thing is to work your way toward a diet of organic grapes and lemon water for a few weeks until you feel better then go to a fruit, berries, and melon diet.  The fruit serves as an astringent that begins cleansing and hydrating.  If you can afford it we would recommend some specific tinctures to address your specific weaknesses.  Fill out the Health Assessment Questionnaire to identify your genetic weaknesses.  Better yet would be purchasing the first two 2-week Detox Kits to eliminate parasites and jump start your self-healing.  MindVibes will facilitate a positive inclination toward new diet and lifestyle adjustments.  

Can my sick baby be detoxed?      Absolutely.  With weaker and weaker genetics being passed down, now days babies can have adult diseases that require detoxing out.  Babies can be fed fresh fruit juice and tinctures through their bottles and respond well to Detox.  We recommend a 30 Day Detox Package which last several months with baby dosages.

How about high BP and heart disease?    Absolutely.  We recommend taking Organic Garlic and Cayenne capsules daily to begin strengthening the circulatory system along with the 90 Day Detox.

Is it imperative that I have a Detox Coach?       No.  Detoxing is a big deal.  It is a serious commitment to lifestyle and diet change for a few months.  If you stray during that time you reverse the progress.  We want to give every advantage to our Members to be successful so we include the Detox Coach and Mindvibes in all packages.  MindVibes is a powerful tool that can be purchased separately if you prefer to go it without a coach and would like a little insurance for success.

Can I purchase the 30 Day Detox to start and see how I do?    Absolutely.  With Packages there is a 10% savings over the cost of purchasing products and services individually.  We recommend if you are experiencing chronic symptoms purchasing the 90-120 packages up front to save time and money.  However you certainly can try Detox our for a month and do a lot of good for your body.  It's simple to order the next sequential Detox Kit and continue detoxing.

Does Detox work with neurological dysfunction like MS?     Absolutely.  Extra care and  increased dosages of herbal supplements can be very effective in strengthening neurological weaknesses.   Neurological issues take longer and more herbal therapy to regenerate than most ailments but it works really well.  We recommend a 120 Day Detox to start.

What about HSV and HIV cases?   Absolutely once again!  Both issues can be fully eradicated with Detox.  Anticipate a year worth of Detox or maybe a bit more but remember at the end of it that the virus will be eradicated and you will feel great.  One will feel good through the process but to totally eradicate the virus it takes a while.  We recommend beginning with the 120 Detox Package and going from there.  You can look at it this way, a year is going to go by anyway so why not use it to achieve supreme health and virus free.  Neither of these is for a lifetime if you use Detoxification to turn it around.

What are some of the most amazing health turnarounds with Detox?   Quadriplegics regaining use of their limbs (1+ year detox).  The biggest problem with quadriplegics is that they have been desensitized to the possibiltiy that they can be made whole.  It is true that the medical group does not know how to handle them but Detoxification can set them free.  Many folks have thrown their wheelchairs away (4-6 months) with debilitating arthritis and other wheelchair bound afflictions.  There have been increduiby mean abusive people change into nice people (60 Day Detox).   People blind from birth regaining their eyesight (6 months Detox).   "No time Left To Live" terminal cancer victims routinely regain fabulous health.  The list is amazing, endless, and fascinating.....

What about depression and similar symptoms?    Absolutely.  Strengthening the Parathyroid can relieve depression.   We recommend the 60 Day Detox.

What about allergies and skin issues?     Absolutely.   These are caused by lymphatic congestion.    We recommend the 60 Day Detox.

I didn't realize that Detox could be expensive, why is that?       At CELLTOX we rely on a top quality member health assessment from an Iridologist and a Detox Specialist to pinpoint core weaknesses.   We depend on the power of the most potent organic herbal supplements and the highest quality full spectrum whole food organic vitamins to be successful.  We provide the unique detox aids to keep Members on track.  We ensure that our members are in good hands and successful.  When you consider the price of meds, medical visits, medical procedures, and the pain and suffering of side effects to the cost of self-healing yourself with detoxification for a few months, detox is basically pennies on the dollar comparatively and priceless since regaining good health and feeling great is the result.