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Potent Herbal Tinctures are the Basis of Detox

CELLTOX uses the most potent herbal formulas as a basis for our Detox Regeneration Program.  These organically grown or wildcrafted herbal tinctures are very powerful in moving the detox process along.  Specific herbs effect specific organs, glands, bodily systems, blood, and countless other factors that we count on being cleansed, energized, and activated.  We depend on wide spectrum organic whole food vitamin supplements that supplies the body with all the essential vitamins, trace minerals, minerals, essential fatty acids that the body requires to operate at peak performance.  Most people are suffering from some level of depletion of these vital life sustaining elements.  We use the highest quality herbal and vitamin supplements available for their absorbability and potency characteristics.

When using a Detox Protocol you will notice that the entire time that you are detoxing that you will be taking 3 times a day regime of a group of herbal tinctures.  For convenience we have the herbal tinctures grouped into 2-week kits.  We have 8 basic kits that last 2 weeks each for 16 weeks of detoxing.  Most members will feel great prior to 16 weeks in the program.  For those whose bodies need more time to rejuvenate we suggest that once 16 weeks have passed then begin over with kit 1 and begin cycling through the kits again until you feel great.  In addition to the standard detox kits, your specific genetic weaknesses should be addressed which may require 1 or more additional tinctures to add to the standard detox kits.  Each kit is different and addresses different bodily functions in a progressive order that your body can handle.  The kits are powerful and they achieve dramatic effects.

CELLTOX uses herbal tinctures for example to cleanse the body of parasites, to energize and activate organs and glands, to flush the digestive tract, to cleanse the blood and lymphatic fluid, to balance hormones, to rid intestinal walls of mucoid plaque, to eliminate toxins and heavy metals, and to accelerate the detox process just to give you an idea why herbs are so vital to success.  By using potent herbal tinctures in a calibrated systematic program, the standard detox time typically decreases from years to months.