DETOX CHALLENGE......DETOX For 1 Month and You'll be AMAZED with your progress!!!


3 Types of Detox Packages to Choose From: 



30, 60, 90, 120 Day GOLD Packages are complete Regenerative Detoxification Programs including an Iridological Iris Assessment, Detox Specialist designed custom Detox Protocol, Detox Coaching, Deep Detoxification Herbal Therapy, Detox Guide, MindVibes, and more.


Gods Garden Superfood Blend provides an ultra-nutritious food source supplement.

GI-Broom is used to pull mucoid plaque from our intestinal walls to increase absorption.   

Heal All Tea is to be consumed 3 times daily to take advantage of its powerful healing effects. 

The Detox Guide gives you a solid understanding of what is required for transitioning into a detox lifestyle while going through this program. 

Health Assessment Questionnaire indicates genetic core weaknesses.

MindVibes is powerful mind focusing technology that encourages the transition into a healing diet and lifestyle.  Changing diet can be the biggest challenge sometimes.  Taking advantage of the subliminal power of MindVibes can take the edge off of diet change and helps to make the Detoxification experience a fun and exciting journey.

Upon purchase you'll download that contains Detailed Instructions on how to begin along with the Detox Guide, MindVibes, Health Assessment Questionnaire, and Detox Log.  

Packages that contain Detox Kits contains 8 Herbal formulas for addressing specific weaknesses and are derived from organic and wild-crafted herbs.  These herbal formulas are superior quality and the highest potency available which is a significant factor in expediting the healing process.  We invite you to click on the links to each of the products and kits below to get an understanding of the array of formulas included.

The Detox Kits address common core weaknesses however any core weaknesses not targeted by the Detox Kits should be addressed by purchasing additional Herbal formulas to begin strengthening those weaknesses.   


    1. Deep Tissue Cleansing Kit weeks 1-2
    2. Deep Tissue Cleansing Kit weeks 3-4
    3. Deep Tissue Cleansing Kit weeks 5-6
    4. Deep Tissue Cleansing Kit weeks 7-8
    5. Deep Tissue Cleansing Kit weeks 9-10
    6. Deep Tissue Cleansing Kit weeks 11-12
    7. Deep Tissue Cleansing Kit weeks 13-14
    8. Deep Tissue Cleansing Kit weeks 15-16 


30,60,90,120 Day DIY Packages contain the same contents as the GOLD Packages MINUS: the Iridological Iris Assessment, Detox Specialist designed custom Detox Protocol, Detox Coaching (you can add any of these later).

Instead the Standard Detox Protocol is included.  You determine your core weaknesses simply by filling out the Heath Assessment Questionnaire.  If core weaknesses are indicated that aren't being addressed by the Deep Tissue Cleansing Kits then order the corresponding tincture or capsules from the CellTox Shop and take them along with the Kit herbals.  


30 DAY DIY BASICS PACKAGE    This is our most economical Do It Yourself Detox Package that allows you to take full control of your health by combing detailed instructions on Regenerative Detoxification, Detox Aids, and powerful Herbal Formulas that address the most common weaknesses.   This package gets you into Detoxification.  You can always add additional Herbals down the line and services if you need assistance once you get into the program.