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Ok consider this fact:   Humans are 96% similar to the monkey who are predominately fruit eaters.  We're designed vastly different from meat eating carnivores (cats and dogs) and grazing herbivores (cows and horses).  For 10,000 years humans have strayed from their natural fruit and herb diet with each generation producing genetically weaker offspring up until today where babies are being born with critical issues.   


When one thinks rationally about this, how hard should it be to begin a diet that contributes to good health?  Problem is we're addicted to our diet even though it's damaging.  With Regenerative Detoxification it is essential to TEMPORARILY pull away from the diet we love (barbeque, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, ice cream, …) which is almost always the cause for poor health.


Celltox specializes in effective tools to promote diet change such as personal coaching, subliminal mind programming, hypnosis, and life coaching which encourages your paradigm to change from being sick to healing yourself.   If you think it's ridiculous or impossible to change your diet to get well, guess's not!  Thousands have taken control and are doing this right now as your reading this.   


Once good health is regained, you can eat whatever you like and you'll understand what is good for you.  In the big scheme of things, a temporary diet change coupled with herbal therapy is not really a big deal for regaining good health, is it?