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Food Combining


Proper Food Combining Aids Digestion

During a detox program it is vital to get the most nutrition from the food we eat.  Proper food combining is vital to good assimilation and absorption of the nutrients that our food provides.   Proper food combining is an ignored factor in modern eating habits and causes a huge degradation of properly using the food that we consume. 


Our digestive system performs best when one food is eaten at a time.   By the time we take a bite of food our stomach has already started secreting the corresponding stomach acid to break down what is in our mouth into a useful medium for our digestive tract.  Proteins require the strongest stomach acid called hydrochloric acid.  Starches require an opposite type of alkaline acid to break them down.   Some foods required hardly any acid like fruit. 


A serious problem with assimilation comes in when these contrary acids mix.  When contrary acids mix the blended food in the stomach winds up fermenting instead of digesting.  Drinking with meals dilutes stomach acid and denigrates digestion.   Dessert after a meal basically destroys the nutritional value of the meal.  CELLTOX recommends 6 basic guidelines for proper food combining while going through your detox program:


  1. Do not mix proteins and carbs in the same meal
  2. Do not mix fruits with anything
  3. Do not mix melon with anything and eat first
  4. Do not drink anything with meals. Drink at least 30 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal
  5. Do not eat deserts directly after a meal, wait at least 2 hours after a meal
  6. Begin enjoying mono-meals to get the most nutrition from your food