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Healing Crises

One unpleasant thing that a person can expect during detoxification is the healing crisis.   Our body is always trying to keep itself clean and strong by means of detoxification. This is done through sweating, fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, frequent urination, colds, flu, and by simple daily elimination. The more toxic a person becomes, the stronger the cleaning will be.  During a detox program flu like symptoms for instance can pop up for a few days which is a classic Healing Crises symptom.  It is a great sign because the body is eliminating a bit more toxins from deep tissues into the bloodstream than it can get rid of through elimination channels.  These released toxins will eventually work their way out but until they do you may feel a little under the weather.  If one was to eat acidic foods for instance, the detoxing process and the healing crises would terminate immediately.  You would only want to purposely stop a healing crisis in the event that it was more intense than you wish to handle.  A Healing Crises can manifest in several other ways.  Your detox coach can assist you in identifying a healing crisis if it comes upon you.  Most folks experience mild effects when detoxing but it really depends on the extent of poor health that a person is experiencing.

A good example to illustrate this effect is the condition of bronchitis. If the first time you had symptoms of bronchitis you went to your doctor and was given antibiotics to stop the symptoms of bronchitis. The antibiotics did not heal anything or remove the inflammation and blockage instead they terminated the elimination process which stops the elimination symptoms.  With results like these one gets the illusion that the condition was cured. However, maybe the next time your body tries to clean itself out, it could have harsher symptoms like that of pneumonia. The reason for this is that bronchitis and pneumonia are not diseases but are inflammatory or congestive conditions that the body is trying to eliminate. Your symptoms become deeper and worse when they get suppressed.  As you may have ascertained, suppressing symptoms is a danger to our good health. 

Who knew that foods like animal products, sugar, grains, processed food, and cooked food caused mucus buildup and congestion.  Most of us made these congesting foods a central part of our diet which causes increasing amounts of mucus and congestion.   The body reaches a point where it has to eliminate this congestion, and this causes an even deeper level of cleansing that comes with harsher symptoms.   Unfortunately artificially suppressing symptoms is the American way of healthcare and a serious reason why our society ranks last in population health of the 17 most developed nations .