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American Diet Not For Us

Would you believe that the human digestive system is designed closest to that of the ape than any other animal?   Yes, our digestive system is practically identical to that of the apes and monkeys.   Humans are actually designed to be predominately fruit eaters.  10,000 years of straying away from the ape way of eating has left mankind in a sickly state.    Humans are not designed to consume animal products, processed foods, grains, and cooked food which are all acidic to our alkaline based bodies.  Regular consumption of these acidic foods causes continual acidosis in the body resulting in mucus buildup causing blockages that leads to poor health and illness. 

Each generation passes down their weakest genetics to its offspring eventually causing a serious degradation of the genetic pool leaving society in the ill state of health that is in today.   According to the bible Methuselah live to be 969 years old, Noah lived to be 950, Mahalalel 895, Lamech 777, Enoch 365 and so on.  The oldest government recorded human was an herbalist and Kung Fu master named Li Ching Yuen who passed away in the 1950’s at the age of 256 in China.  It is evident that with strong genetics and a highly nutritious fruit diet that humans are designed to live for centuries. 

Modern soil is virtually depleted of nutrients and minerals causing fruits and vegetables to be an inadequate source of nutrition.  Western society is depleted of essential vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and essential fatty acids.  Our bodies cannot regenerate when the essential nutrition necessary is not present.  It is extremely important to make up for this severe lack of nutrition in modern western food by supplementing with organic whole food vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and essential fatty acids.