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Eye Photo Instructions

Follow this link for an excellent video on photographing your eyes.

Your eyes are an important part of the CELLTOX Detox Regeneration Program.  By looking at clear closeup pictures of your eyes, our Iridologists are able to ascertain the depth of your genetic weaknesses. 

Once you purchase a Gold Detox Package or Iridology assessment from the CELLTOX Detox Club, one of your first missions is to have very good quality pictures taken of your eyes and then email them to us.  These important pictures are all about quality so that our Iridologist can make the most accurate health assessment.  Please remember to label left and right eye pics.  Having your eyes photographed by a professional photographer is a good idea if you aren’t successful with other means.

We pair the eye analysis with your Health Assessment responses to give us a most accurate picture of the location and depth of the weaknesses to be addressed.

The goal here is to take high quality eye shots.  Some camera phones are adequate.  The best would be a 35mm camera with a macro lense.

  • Set your camera to MACRO (this allows for very close pictures).
  • Both the camera and your head must remain as still as possible. Use a tripod and timer if possible and rest your head on your hands. Or have someone take the picture for you.
  • It is best to have someone illuminate your eye with a flashlight from a 45 degree angle from the side
  • Take one picture of each eye separately.
  • Be sure the entire iris is visible and clear in the picture.
  • You may need to hold your eye wide open using your fingers.
  • Position the camera close to the eye (depending on the camera, you may be as close as 2 inches 
  • Use a higher density and/or high quality pixel setting to enable the Iridologist to expand the photo size to view as much detail as possible. 

Examples of good eye photographs.  Notice how the entire iris is visible and the photos are well lit with good detail.  The more detail in the photos gives us more detail into your health status.