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CELLTOX MindVibes Audio

Did you realize that our conscious brain processes 4,000 bits of information per second while the subconscious processes 40,000,000 bits of information per second.   Our subconscious has the capacity to effortlessly absorb an unbelievably huge amount of information.  CELLTOX MindVibes subliminal programming is designed to completely bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly with the subconscious where incidentally 95% of decisions are made.  Transitioning into a detox diet is key and usually challenging.  DietVibes can take the edge off and make it fun!

Positive affirmations are fed to the subconscious addressing good habits of eating, drinking, and taking supplements, exercising, body nourishing, strong energy, positive attitude, creative thinking, happiness, stress reduction and more.  When continuous positive affirmations are introduced to our subconscious, positive constructs begin forming around those affirmations and your mind begins to elevate and your habits become more positive.

Using MindVibes is effortless.  Just download the short MP3 audio directly to your phone or MP3 player and play it on continuous repeat mode in the background on low volume throughout the day and while you sleep.  You consciously do not hear any affirmations.  Instead you hear the sounds of the night, rain, waterfall, campfire, wind, and we even have a silent version. 

The more you have it playing in the background the faster and deeper positive change takes hold.  MindVibes is an essential component of our program and supplies a continuous positive boost in developing healthy habits and enjoying the process of rejuvenating your health. 

Continue listening to MindVibes even after your health is turned around to enjoy the continuous delightful benefits it brings to life.