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CellTox Detox Club is a word of mouth organization with a goal to touch as many sick and terminally ill people as possible to inform and coach them back to good health.   Suffering from disease is caused by a lack of information on the true cause of dis-ease and how to fix it.  Detox is the answer to reviving good health and we aim to spread the word!!!

If you have been a club member then you know that everything we recommend is healthy and without negative side effects.  Nurturing your body so well that it regenerates and heals itself is our approach.

 It is heart breaking constantly witnessing people suffer and pass away unnecessarily.   CellTox Detox Club addresses the suffering with an inexpensive sensible way to get well.  We at CELLTOX constantly direct our friends and family who have serious illness to join the CELLTOX Detox Club so they can start their journey of turning their health around instead of continuing to suffer.  We appreciate you sharing your experience with your friends and neighbors too and together let’s spread the word and inform people that good health is our right and totally possible.