DETOX CHALLENGE......DETOX For 1 Month and You'll be AMAZED with your progress!!!

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The next morning he cancelled the surgery and flew back home, purchased a detox package, connected with his Detox Coach, and started detoxing.  He decided to add CBD's into his Detox Program.

After 2 weeks on a fruit diet and Herbal Therapy his pain was subsiding and the tumors in his ribs were shrinking.  He had a problem with psoriasis and clogged bowels ever since he was 13.  His bowels began moving 3 times a day and the psoriasis was clearing up.  His energy was building. He was getting stronger.  His mind was unfogging and his concentration was getting more precise.


After 3 weeks on his Detox program his cells were getting healthier.   His PSA level dropped 58% from 270 to 156.  His pain was 90% gone and strength steadily increasing.  He even inquired about running on the beach!  He had carpal tunnel in both wrists which completely disappeared.  


Once his PSA nears 0, has no indication of tumers, and totally ailment free then he should begin easing out of Detox.   He would probably spend 3 months Detoxing.  He's so happy feeling his health return that he's looking forward and making big plans!

Regenerative Detoxification is a blessing to humankind.  His scenario shows how our body quickly responds to giving it exactly what it needs.  If your health has spiraled out of control, simply try Detox for a few weeks, see your body react positively, and you'll be excited about your future too!