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The quality of the water you drink is important to your health and extremely important when detoxing.  Drinking herbal teas is an important part of detoxing so it Is important to drink the best quality water.  We recommend using distilled water if possible for your drinking and cooking needs.  Water choices ranked:

POOR                   Unfiltered tap water is the least quality water to drink because it is laden with chemicals, metals, and inorganic minerals which are all toxic to the human body.  Inorganic minerals absorb into our bloodstream and accumulate in weak joints promoting arthritis and in organs causing stones.

POOR                   Bottled water is usually filtered tap water containing inorganic minerals along with toxic residues from the plastic bottle.

POOR                   Well water contains inorganic minerals and usually toxins if unfiltered

BETTER                Filtered tap or well water contains inorganic minerals with most toxins filtered out.

SUPERIOR            Distilled water contains no toxins and no inorganic minerals and has a pulling effect on toxins embedded in tissue.   Distilled water can be instrumental in pulling inorganic minerals and toxins out of the body.  Add a high quality organic mineral supplement to distilled water to increase your organic mineral uptake.  Arthritis, Bone Spurs, and Stones tend to be dissolved over time when distilled water is regularly consumed.


Counter Top Water Distiller  $230 on internet.   We've used several different ones and they all work great.