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Our CELLTOX DETOX TOOL KIT gives you the ability to get started with detoxification immediately.  You will be able to identify your core weaknesses using the Self Assessment Questionnaire.   Once you have identified your core weaknesses, we suggest starting on Herbal Therapy which is our series of two week Detox Regeneration Kits along with additional herbals to strengthen any specific core weaknesses identified that aren't being addressed.  Most health challenges can be overcome by instituting a detox diet and following the guidelines in the Detox Guide.  

The Detox Guide is a road map to transitioning into a healthier lifestyle to elevate your health.  It explains how to put you body in an optimal state to facilitate tissue regeneration.

3 reasons to consider using Herbal Therapy

1. Herbal therapy is so powerful that it dramatically expedites the time to get well sometimes from years down to months. 

2. Sometimes when an illness has taken hold for an extended period, organs and glands can be so atrophied and physically hardened that it requires powerful tissue specific herbs and/or glandulars to energize, wake up and activate them.  

3.  When someone is critically ill, time is of the essence and Herbal Therapy is absolutely necessary.  The acceleration of healing resulting from Herbal Therapy can be vital to survival under such conditions.

MindVibes is very effective at focusing your mind in making healthy lifestyle changes.  MindVibes works by repeating positive affirmations under a cover sound that penetrates your subconscious.  Over a few days positive mental constructs will begin forming enhancing your abilities at making healthier choices on diet and lifestyle.  Changing to a detox diet is quite the accomplishment.  MindVibes is focusing technology that significantly reduces the challenge of adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle and works great with Detoxification


1.  Health Assessment Questionnaire - PDF download

2.   MindVibes  - Collection of MP3 downloads

3.   Detox Guide - PDF download