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Eyes - Visio Plex  200 Capsules

Eyes - Visio Plex 200 Capsules

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serving size 8 caps         25 servings

Visio Plex is an eye supplement formulated with a diverse blend of vitamins‚ minerals‚ and botanicals believed to possibly improve and maintain ocular health. Some of those ingredients are:


Vitamin C

Research suggests that vitamin C can possibly promote the healthy function of blood vessels in the eyes. Vitamin C has also been implicated in possibly preventing and treating certain ocular conditions.


Vitamin E

Research proposes the idea that vitamin E is integral for long term ocular health‚ and since our bodies don't synthesize the amount of vitamin E that we need‚ a proper diet‚ or a dietary supplement like Visio Plex‚ could be essential.



As a trace mineral‚ Zinc is integral in making sure that vitamin A reaches our retinas. Doing so ensures the production of melanin‚ which our eyes use for protection. Some studies have also linked a deficiency in zinc to vision impairment.


Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Studies suggests that‚ as carotenoids (organic pigments)‚ lutein and zeaxanthin can possibly act as antioxidants in our eyes. Also significant is the fact that our bodies might not produce the lutein and zeaxanthin we need. So without a proper diet‚ or a vision supplement like Visio Plex‚ we might not be getting the lutein and zeaxanthin we need.


Ginko Biloba Extract

Ginko has been prevalent in Eastern cultures and medicines for many years. In addition to its wide range of uses‚ ginko biloba extract is believed to possibly promote blood circulation‚ which‚ in turn‚ may promote healthy ocular function.


Bilberry Powder

Bilberry is suggested to contain flavonoids‚ substances that can possibly improve blood circulation‚ which can support healthy eyesight. Bilberry also has an interesting history. In World War II‚ some British Pilots used to spread Bilberry jam to improve not only their eyesight‚ but their night vision as well.